By Geoff Hobson, Jan 8 2014 11:17AM

I have some coins reseved for me, nearly enough money now. Bought several recently, most I don't want but I can sell the ones that are not needed.

The weather has been rough in the past few weeks, with heavy rain and strong winds.

My trees look fine.

I can't wait until spring so that I can get on with the work I need to do on my bonsai. There are a lot of trees that will need re potting this year, as I was unable to do quite a lot last year. Now they are desperate to be done. Some need new pots too.

My new project for this year is the Nipponanthemums, they are good size plants and should be an interesting project.

By Geoff Hobson, Nov 7 2013 07:47PM

I managed to buy a nice Douglas August Bazaar token last week, it took a bit of doing and I was quite lucky. It is a good EF small, but nicely formed. It is in the photos.

My trees are shutting down for the winter, most of the deciduous have lost or are losing leaves. The Larches are mostly colouring or haver dropped needles. The Trident is still holding on to the leaves which have turned a nice colour. We still have not had a frost yet, but it seems we may not be far away. The last workshop of the year for the Blackmore Vale Bonsai Group is tomorrow. The it is roll on February.

By Geoff Hobson, Sep 25 2013 07:37PM

I hve been busy recently with workshops. We have another this Saturday, all day at Thorngrove Garden Centre, I also have one on 13th with John Trott. Then the monthly one with Wessex. My trees should be ready for winter.

I have bought coins at two auctions recently, the Wiltsure Numismatic Society autumn auction was good, and then I had more in the Kleeford Auction this month. Several Irish coins to go in my collection.

By Geoff Hobson, Sep 21 2013 07:54PM

It is a long time sice my last post here, I have recovered from the hip replacement. The weather has been kind to us this year, particularly later in the summer. We had a good trip to Ireland in August, well worth the cost.

I went to a talk last month which has re envigorated my photography. I bought a remote release, I will be taking my tripod, and I also bought a right angled finder.

The talk by David Boag who I have seen before, but this time it was more about the photography rather than the subjects. Bought his new book and his course too.

So now I wll be using a tripod all the time, and also the settings on the camera will be different. Found the close uo filter, and also 2X converter.

Now I will have to wait for next summer for the butterflies.

By Geoff Hobson, Mar 17 2013 01:23PM

Well, after a month or so, I am writing again. I have had the surgery, and I am getting fitter all the time.

The weather has been up and down, with frosts and snow at times with very little sunshine or warmer weather.

The workshops I have done have been good, with the Thorngrove workshop cold but very good. I

have managed to re pot some of the trees I wanted to do. I bought a pot for the Larch I needed to do, which now looks good.

I hope that I will be allowed to drive by the end of this week, it has been a long six weeks.

My orchids are flowering well, most are still doing well.

The alpines I have left are having to look after themselves. My bonsai are fine. I had a good day at the auction this month, I was lucky enough to get four trees, they are superb.

More next month

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