All summer

By Geoff Hobson, Sep 21 2013 07:54PM

It is a long time sice my last post here, I have recovered from the hip replacement. The weather has been kind to us this year, particularly later in the summer. We had a good trip to Ireland in August, well worth the cost.

I went to a talk last month which has re envigorated my photography. I bought a remote release, I will be taking my tripod, and I also bought a right angled finder.

The talk by David Boag who I have seen before, but this time it was more about the photography rather than the subjects. Bought his new book and his course too.

So now I wll be using a tripod all the time, and also the settings on the camera will be different. Found the close uo filter, and also 2X converter.

Now I will have to wait for next summer for the butterflies.

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