Nearly spring etc

By Geoff Hobson, Mar 17 2013 01:23PM

Well, after a month or so, I am writing again. I have had the surgery, and I am getting fitter all the time.

The weather has been up and down, with frosts and snow at times with very little sunshine or warmer weather.

The workshops I have done have been good, with the Thorngrove workshop cold but very good. I

have managed to re pot some of the trees I wanted to do. I bought a pot for the Larch I needed to do, which now looks good.

I hope that I will be allowed to drive by the end of this week, it has been a long six weeks.

My orchids are flowering well, most are still doing well.

The alpines I have left are having to look after themselves. My bonsai are fine. I had a good day at the auction this month, I was lucky enough to get four trees, they are superb.

More next month

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