By Geoff Hobson, Feb 17 2013 12:06PM

I have not added anything here for a long time.

Since I last wrote, I have bought a number of trees as well as netsuke and snuff bottles.

Then Last week I had the hip replacement that I have waited for since July last year.

I am getting better by the day.

I had a good year with talks last year, I was able to afford a digital projector screen and stand from the fees which will do good work over the next few years.

I did have to cancell some this year as I did not know when I would be having the surgery.

I am going to miss my trees wake up this spring and I will be unable to get all those repotted that I wanted to do.

I missed for the first time a meeting of the Blackmore Vale Bonsai Group. We formed in 2009 and until last week I had not missed one. I did get to the meeting this week though, which was good.

I am going to miss the Swindon Show this year, but I will get to the aucton of trees that were Manuel's.

By Geoff Hobson, May 9 2012 02:05PM

All my trees are looking quite good. I may not have lost the large Chinese Elm. I have been to 3 workshops and done some good work on my trees recently, and bought some more trees for wokring on. The demo at Thorngrove went well. I enjoyed it very much.

I have been asked to display at Melksham Show on 9th September.

By Geoff Hobson, Apr 1 2012 07:25AM

I have not added a post here for a while. I have done 2 workshops, and re potted most of the trees I needed to, just a few more to do in April.

My Larch group is looking good after adding 5 trees, and all other trees are moving well this year.

I have managed to buy several netsukes in the past few weeks, although it can be quite difficult as the bidding can be fierce.

The weather has come down with a bang today, we have had a week or so of warm days, and sunny too, but today although sunny is quite cold.

I have bought the digital projector for my talks, and I am just waiting for it to arrive. I am hoping to get a screen and table also, see how the bidding goes today.

My orchids are doing well, I have one which I bought for about £2.50 at our auction is in full flower.

By Geoff Hobson, Feb 29 2012 06:34PM

The weather recently has been mild and so the trees are moving on well. Mt forest workshop has been moved forward a week.

The first workshop of the year went well, with several trees re potted at both.

The two shows so far have been excelent The Wessex Show was small but good, and the following week at Swindon was much bigger and with about 17 exhibitors and traders. Bought a nice literati Larch from Chris Thomas.

By Geoff Hobson, Feb 1 2012 11:17PM

I have picked up two Japanese Larches in the past feww weeks, one from a dealer and potted the other I dug. Both are 25 to 30 plus years o;d. One has had some work but the other has not. The one I dug is huge and heavy, It will need some time to recover from the move.

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