Isle of Man WW1 Internment camp medallions


I have several of this series of at the moment 12 different ones.

Some are extremely rare with only one or two known.

Recently I was lucky to have a find of this kind.

I get a list of items from a German online shop, and in a recnt e mail there was one of the Knockaloe medallions that I already have but they are not common so I bought it.


Scrolling down the list the next medal I almost passed over but I noticed the name Knockaloe and looking closer saw that it was one I dod not have, so I quickly bought it.


Next one also had the name on and I had not seen one before so I bought it

I grabbed the scans of all three and decided to snd them to Alan Kelly who is the authority on Isle of Man coins.


I was away when I received the reply. The second one is rare but he has one, but the third one which is for membership of the internees gymnastic club he has never seen.

It is extremely rare and unrecorded by Alan in his article on the medallions.

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