Isle of Man Coins

The first issue of coins was in 1709.

The coins were cast and quite crude. High grade coins are quite difficult to find.

Here is the penny and halfpenny in my collection.

1709 halfpenny

Although there was a pattern made in 1723, there was not an official issue. The next was in 1733. There was a penny and halfpenny. There are many varieties of both. These are some that are in my collection

1733 halfpenny to r 1733 penny obverse 1733 penny2

This is the frosted cap variety


1733 penny


The next issue was in 1758. Once again penny and halfpenny, and again there are varieties. There is also thought o have been a restrike later using dirty dies.

As with the previous issue there are contempary forgeries.


1758 penny 1758 halfpenny obverse 1758 halfpenny reverse