The group formed when the North Bradley group folded.


The group meets for a workshop twice a month on a Sunday and Thursday.

It is an informal group of friends.


Membership is by invitation.


The first Bonsai Tree Sale held on 30th July 2017 was a huge succes with 28 sellers.The food was excellent and well received.

The day was dry until about 2.30 in the afternoon.

The 2018 sale was held on what might be one of the only wet days in the summer of 2018!

But it was a successful day.


The next one is on 26th July 2020

At a recent meeting the display for Heathrow was set up. .

It was also agreed that the Group would affiliate to the Federation of British Bonsai Societies from 1st January 2018

Staverton displayed at Heathrow on 22nd October 2017

5 members travelled to the show.

As always it was a good show with a lot of superb trees on show.


We had a good workshop with some trees repotted including a Juniper and a Prunus.

There was also carving and pruning done.

Bonsai Sale Staverton 30th July 2017


Today's sale is the first by the group. It was a very successful day with over 20 traders and lots of visitors.

There was a raffle which was well supported and everyone went away happy.

Next years' event already booked is on 29th July 2018

Workshop March 2018

We had a good day today. Lots of work done on various trees.

One tree a Juniperus sabina bought at Noelanders in February was pruned and styled.

Also can be seen the new workshop that we are using.

Workshop 4th April 2018

We had a good workshop with a Larch styled as well as several other trees including a nice Box

The Newport show on 17th June was a good show. Many excellent bonsai on show on three floors. Five members showed thier trees and two took part in the New Talent competition which Tony Oswin won.