Staverton Bonsai Group Page Two

The sale on 29th July was a huge success in spite of the weather. Rain and high winds on the Saturday meant it was a challenge to erect the awnings. The rain and wind eased to allow the marquee to be put up, with many willing hands.

Next morning the rain was incessant for part of the day, but then eased in early afternoon. The sellers arrived and set up their stalls, with hundreds of trees and pots etc. Buyers started to arrive about 9.45am.,

then more were coming in and it was very busy. The hall was full too, with the fair weather sellers occupying the tables there.

The hardy ones were doing well chatting to old friends in between trying to sell. The rain eased, and the sun even tried to break through at times. All too soon it was tome to pack up, the awnings and marquee were taken down and packed away.

Goodbyes were said and everyone made their way home.

It was a super day and next year is 364 days away. 28th July 2019

Here are a few pictures


At the Blackmore Vale Bonsai Group show on 30th June 2019 Staverton Bonsai Group won best Society Display.

IMG_6404a IMG_6350a

The table top sale on 28th July was a huge success with more visitors than ever before. The weather was kind, dry all day and warm in the afternoon.

The food was good and well received. there were over twenty traders, mostly private sellers and all of them were doing good trading.

Things started to go quiet by around 3pm., and a few sellers started to pack up. Some had long drives to do. The sun shone for most of the day, there were many old and new friends to meet.

Well done Tony and all the other members of the group and other helpers.

Next year the sale will be on 26th July 2020

The members of the group in Saulieu with Mauro Stemberger