On Wednesday evening (18th November 2015) we were treated to a most interesting and informative talk by Mr. Graham Dyer OBE, Senior Curator of the Royal Mint Museum, on the History of the Royal Mint Museum from it's inception in the year 1816 at the old Tower Hill mint, right up to the present day at it's "new" location at Llantrisant, South Wales, within the Royal Mint complex there.


Next year, in 2016, the museum will be celebrating it's Bi-Centenary and Mr. Dyer felt it was most fitting to be giving his talk to our membership during the year we celebrate our Golden Jubilee having been established since 1965.


His talk was illustrated with a large number of slides depicting some of the most fantastic and rare items held within the museum, as well as many early examples of rare objects left to the museum by various well known, indeed famous, benefactors.


He went on to illustrate many important coins within the collections, including some unique pattern pieces made at the mint over the years, plus of course the very rare coins of Edward VIII and not forgetting the famous  1933 Penny.


Mr Dyer confirmed that the museum will be opening a Visitor Centre during 2016 and hoped our members would come down to pay a visit to the new facility.  Secretary/Treasurer Richard Jeffery agreed this would be a "must" for our 2017 season and this was met with approval by all members present.


It was generally agreed by all members present that this meeting was probably the highlight of our Golden Jubilee Season.


A gift of a bottle of wine was presented to the speaker, together with one of the society's badges which the secretary hoped could be housed within the museum's collections.  


  R. JEFFERY (Sec/Treasurer)


The Spring auction on 16th March attracted 117 lots. Varying from hammered to modern coins the bidding was brisk for most of the lots, although some were unsold.

Two new members were recruited also.

It was a very successful auction once again. The next auction is in the summer, but next months' meeting is the follow up of a talk given two years ago on the Isle of Man coins. This will be a review of the coins followed by the tokens.

The speaker is WNS member Geoff Hobson.

Spring Auction 16th March 2016





The talk for April was the second part of a talk from three years ago.


Geoff started with a brief history of th early coins of the island, and then continued from Mic Wilson Irish issues to the Duke of Atholl issues

including forgeries through to the first regal coins in 1786 of George third


Then to the Victoria coins of 1839.


Then part two was the tokens starting with the card tokens which are now very rare.


This was followed with the tokens of 1811 and 1831 and the issues of 1857 of Falkeners Bazaar and the August Bazaar.


Then we jumped to 1914 and the Internment camps of Knockaloe and Douglas medallions.


Next was the issues of 1937 of the King William College tuck shop tokens. 6d 1d and 1/2d of which the 1/2d is very rare as they were mostly melted down during ww2.


Then the Internment camp tokens of Onchan and Peel wound up the talk. Modern issues were not covered in this talk as it is something which the speaker has little interest in.

The last few meeting have been  well attended with a good auction and then social and trading evening.


The September meeting had to be cancelled due to illness.

The talk by Richard Jeffery on English crowns will be slotted into 2017 programme.

The meeting in October is the Autumn auction.

The auction was not too well attended with a few away for various reasons.

However, there were over 100 lots available for those members there.

There was some brisk bidding at times and most of the lots were sold. The Society made a good amount of commission so everyone was happy.

Next month is the Annual General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting was quite well attended with some apologies for those not able to attend.


Chair Verity Jeffery thanked those attending and said that we had had another very good year.


Treasurer said that we have a healthy balance and the auctions had made good money for us. We have 15 paid members in 2016

The bank accout has a health balance with profit for the year of over £130

The officers remained the same with the committee members elected

Michael Bull, Danny Laurence and Geoff Hobson.

The meeting closed at 20.20 followed by a quiz. After a tie break the winner was Danny Laurence.



I first knew Malcolm back in the early 1970's when he was manager of the Clark's shoe shop in Calne.  Even in those early days he was a keen collector (and part-time dealer) of coins and tokens.  His interest in coins, as with many others, grew in the late 1960's and into the 1970's due to the oncoming change to decimal currency.

The hobby at that time was extremely big business for those actively dealing in coins and this led Malcolm to give up his job at the shoe shop to open his first shop together with his father Joe a little further along London Road in Calne.

To begin with, Malcolm dealt mainly in coins, tokens and small antiques and Calne Antiques was born and Malcolm's business interests spread to antique and modern furniture as well as bespoke fitted kitchens eventually.

To facilitate this rapid expansion Malcolm soon needed larger and more spacious premises and moved a few doors back down London Road to the site he occupied for more than 30 years next to the White Hart Inn on London Road.

Building a reputation of trust throughout the trade and a genuine interest in numismatics held him in high esteem.

Earlier in 2016 Malcolm suffered loss of sight and extreme back pain and was eventually diagnosed with multiple cancers.  Following a prolonged illness, sadly Malcolm lost his fight against cancer on 15th December 2016. He will always be remembered for being a friendly face in the numismatic trade among fellow dealers and collectors alike.

Malcolm will be very sadly missed as both a good friend and business colleague by many of us, particularly by members of the Wiltshire Numismatic Society, of which he was a very active member since the 1973/74 season.

Our thoughts go out to Malcolm's widow Sandy, a fellow member of the Society, at this very sad time.


Richard Jeffery


Wiltshire Numismatic Society


Spring auction in March was a very succesful one as usual. The first meeting of the year was well attended. The bidding on some lost was very brisk and the majority were sold.


The April meeting was the postponed talk by Richard Jeffery on English crowns. He started with the first crowns and went through all the issues up to the last in 1980.


The next meeting is the visit to the Royal Mint in Wales.

August meeting was the trading session and buffet. The members enjoyed a buffet provided by the pub. There were some transactions and pleny of discussion about various coins.

It was a nice way to relax for an evening.


The July meeting was the summer auction. A good turnout and 100 lots most of which were sold.

September meeting


Barbarus radiates.

This month was a talk by Nick Aves, the intrguing title referred to a period in Roman history and a particular section of coinage.

Nick outlined the different series of coins and showed pictures or the various issues.

The talk was very interesting with one fact to show that there was a huge number of coins minted during this period.

The autumn auction had over 100 lots and there was some brisk bidding.

Most lots were sold and successful bidders were happy with what they bought.


The next meeting is the Annual General Meeting.

The Annual General Meeting on 15th November saw several changes to the officers and committee. ...

Verity Jefferies stood down and Danny Laurence was elected chair.

Richard Jefferies also stood down as Secretary but remains as Treasurer. Mark Woodlands becomes secretary

The rest of the committee were re elected

The society is in a good financial position with a small profit on the year.

The committee will meet in January to arrange the programme for the year. Geoff said that he will do a facebook page for the society.

The  first meeting of 2018 was the spring auction.


Most of the lots were sold and everyone had plenty to talk about after the long winter layoff.


The Facebook page is going well too.


Next month is a talk by Verity Jeffery the subject WW1 Medals