Wiltshire Numismatic Society

The Wiltshire Numismatic Society meets on the third Wednesday of the month, apart from January and February


Poulshot at the Raven.



Programme 2017


15th March

Spring Coin Auction


19th April

Richard Jeffery

English Crowns



31st May

Royal Mint Museum Llantrisant (prior booking only) visit


7th June

Wiltshire Trade Tokens

Mike Stone (change of date)


19th July

Summer Coin Auction


16th August

Summer Social Evening

with food, trading session Raffle and chat



20th September

Barbarous Radiates Coinage

Nick Aves


18th October

Autumn Auction


15th November

AGM and Quiz

for the M. Bowden Trophy


1st December (Friday)

Christmas Dinner at the Raven

Prior Booking only.






Danny Laurence






Richard Jeffery


Haines Croft, Corsham Road,

Whitley Melksham SN12 8QF

Phone 01225 703143


Vice Chair Geoff Collett


Subscription 2017

Adult £10

under 18 £1.